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10+ Best Affordable Alternatives To Popular Louis Vuitton® Perfumes

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Exceptional, luxurious, and elegant, Louis Vuitton® fragrances never fail to provide their wearer with a significant olfactory experience. Best known for their luxury leather bags and suitcases, they began their perfumery journey in 1920 with the production of luxurious toiletries such as crystal perfume bottles known as "Editions d'Art." Heures d'absence, the house's first fragrance, was released in 1927. It was followed in 1928 by Je Tu Il, and in 1946 by Réminiscences and Eau de Voyage. In the 1980s, Eau de Voyage was reintroduced.

Despite being the best in their industry for over a century and having a deep history attached to them, Louis Vuitton® perfumes are always on the expensive side of the market and a big disappointment for those who love perfumes as well as those who want to experience a great olfactory experience at an affordable price. If you are a gentleman or woman looking for a great perfume that smells luxuriously but wants them to cost a little less, you have come to the right place.

10 Best Alternatives/Clones/Dupes For Louis Vuitton Popular Perfumes

This article will discuss the top ten list of best affordable alternatives to Louis Vuitton®, so you don't have to mindlessly surf the net for them.

Top 10+ Alternatives to the Popular Louis Vuitton® Perfumes

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves

Sweet, fresh, and smelling like the world's most beautiful flowers, our creation, inspired by Attrape-rêves, translating to dream catcher, delivers an unexpectedly euphoric perfume experience that calls for surprising and exciting adventures. With key notes including cocoa, lychee, ginger, patchouli, peony, bergamot, and Turkish rose, this fruity-floral combination will leave you in awe every time.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Apogée

A delicate fragrance with a floral base, our creation inspired by Apogée, features Grasse jasmine as the main ingredient, along with radiant lily of the valley, rose, magnolia, guaiac wood, and sandalwood. Feels like a mindful immersion in nature; this floral beauty is perfect for a sensual and gentle woman.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton California Dream

Opens up with a juicy mandarin orange note that is as passionate as a sunset, our creation, inspired by the California Dream, is a zesty, fresh and warm fragrance that captures the mood of the city dream in a bottle. With key notes of mandarin, pear, and musk, as well as ambrette seed and benzoin, this perfume brings upon a dreamy Californian sunrise allowing you to feel joyful and graceful all at once.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton L'immensite

Fresh, spicy, and intense, our creation inspired by L'immensite captures the infinite voyage of his inner world. With an opening of spicy notes of aromatic ginger accompanied by zesty bergamot and sour grapefruit, followed by deep aquatic accords, this fragrance takes you into a vast, beckoning sea that nourishes your fantasies of complete freedom.


Inspired by Louis Vuitton Imagination

Make your wildest dreams come alive with our creation inspired by Imagination. An absolute stunner, this fragrance creates an abstract impression of exploring the world and lets you go beyond limitless possibilities. With key notes of Ambrox, Black Tea from China, Tunisian neroli, Sicilian cedar, Calabrian bergamot, Nigerian ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon, its soulful scent brings about a journey to far away places.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Contre Moi

Our creation, inspired by Contre Moi, is a sweet-floral fragrance with key notes of vanilla, orange blossom, herbs, rose, and magnolia. Made for her, this fascinating scent outpours sensual and unprecedented emotions with its subtle touch of bitter cocoa that reaffirms the fragrance's rebellious temperament.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses

A sparkling floral fragrance with key notes containing May rose from Grasse, with two additional types of roses, iris, cedar, and spices, our creation inspired by Les Sables Roses will transport you on a voyage of pleasant emotions and aromatic adventures. Known as the traveler's faithful companion, this feminine-floral fragrance is perfect for those who love the true beauty of flowers.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Lève

Our creation, inspired by Le Jour Se Lève, which translates to daybreak, smells like a bright, lingering splash of juicy sun-drenched Italian mandarin produced out of the oils of a freshly peeled fruit from the rind. With key notes of mandarin, jasmine, and musk, this citrusy fragrance will leave you feeling happy and fresh aspiring for more.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim

Fresh, sweet, and spicy, our creation inspired by Afternoon Swim is known for its energetic characteristics. With key notes of orange, bergamot, and mandarin, this fragrance feels like an energy wave washing over the skin on a hot summer day. A must-needed lemony zest ensures a happy and fresh start in all your endeavours.

Inspired by Ombre Nomade

Our inspired Perfume by Ombre Nomade, also known as a Nomadic Shadow in French, is a perfect indulgent perfume for both men and women. With its long-lasting strength, this fragrance is an ode to the Middle East. Beautiful, dark, strong, and leathery, it assures its intensity but not super complicated.

Louis Vuitton Cosmic Cloud Perfume Inspired Version

Embark on an olfactory odyssey with our creation inspired by Cosmic Cloud. Like a cosmic dream captured in a bottle, this fragrance transports you to a realm where deep musk intertwines with a delicate floral infusion. Picture drifting among the stars as each note unfolds like constellations across the celestial canvas. The journey from powdery to sweet, woody to earthy, culminating in a patchouli and musk-laden dry-down, is a cosmic ballet that evokes the mystery and grandeur of the cosmos itself. With each spritz, you're not just wearing a scent; you're embracing the universe's very essence, a celestial story that unfolds uniquely on every individual's skin.


Heures d'Absence Perume Inspired Version

Imagine pastel hues and rose petals gracefully swaying in a gentle breeze – our creation inspired by Heures d'Absence offers this serene spectacle. Beginning with the elegance of jasmine sambac and may rose, it transitions seamlessly to heart notes of mimosa, pitosporum, and raspberry. The journey concludes with a comforting embrace of musk, vanilla, and sandalwood, adding a whisper of sensuality to the floral narrative.With this harmonious blend of floral, woody, and musky notes, it conjures fragrant memories of lavender fields in spring. Its youthful femininity evokes rain-kissed meadows where silk-like petals glisten under the morning sun. Immerse yourself in this vibrant, luminous fragrance – a potion of optimism and elegance that embodies the very essence of beauty suspended in time.


Rose Des Vents Perfume Inspired Version

Capture the refreshing allure of a blossoming rose with our creation inspired by the timeless elegance of Louis Vuitton®'s Rose Des Vents. This fragrance encapsulates the pure essence of a dew-kissed pink rose, infusing it with an invigorating burst of lemony zest that radiates strength and vitality. The harmonious interplay of fruity, floral, and powdery notes creates an enigmatic symphony that sings with vibrancy. As the fragrance unfurls, it unveils a compelling blend that embodies a woman of confidence, style, and influence.

The initial rush of rose and green notes transitions seamlessly to a velvety embrace, enriched by the embrace of musk and the delicacy of floral iris. This is a modern, sophisticated scent that leaves a captivating trail, announcing your presence with freshness and charm, much like a gentle whisper of petals opening up to a world of new possibilities.


But why choose Unleashed perfumes?

Unleashed Perfumes provides high-end, luxury body works, skin care and fragrances made and designed in-house by our perfume experts and inspired by world-famous luxury branded perfumes. Our vision is to create high-quality products inspired by your favorite scents at an affordable price, made entirely of all-natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring an immersive experience.

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Roman Freiter -Co-Founder and Chief Perfumer at Unleashed Perfumes
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