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6 Best Affordable Alternatives To Popular Le Labo® Perfumes

If you are in pursuit of an olfactory adventure that marries contemporary perfumery with a personalized and deeply emotive touch, Le Labo® is an essential addition to your fragrance journey. This distinguished perfumery brand not only creates scents but crafts experiences that resonate with your soul. The fragrances they formulate have an almost magical quality, capable of evoking a captivating dance of emotions within you. Le Labo®'s artistry lies not only in their aromatic compositions but also in their commitment to sustainability and personalization.

Celebrated for its handcrafted and avant-garde scents, Le Labo® has garnered global acclaim. Each fragrance is a testament to their dedication to the craft, embodying intricate blends that transcend mere smell, eliciting vivid memories and emotions. The allure of Le Labo®'s creations is magnified by their personalized labels, which imbue each bottle with a unique essence, telling a story that intertwines with your individuality.

Moreover, Le Labo® stands as a beacon of environmental consciousness. Their innovative refill program underscores their commitment to reducing waste and ecological impact, showcasing that luxury can coexist harmoniously with sustainability. This union of opulence and responsibility has propelled Le Labo® to the forefront of the fragrance industry, making them a coveted choice for those who seek a holistic olfactory experience.

In this blog, we will delve into the realm of Le Labo®'s most iconic fragrances. We will also explore the affordable alternatives inspired by these exquisite scents. Crafted from entirely natural and cruelty-free ingredients, these inspired alternatives offer a pathway to indulge in the opulence of Le Labo® without compromise. This juxtaposition of luxury and accessibility adds a new dimension to the fragrance landscape, inviting enthusiasts to savor the best of both worlds. So, with curiosity as our guide, let's embark on this fragrant exploration, uncovering the allure of Le Labo® and its inspired version.

6 Best Alternatives / Dupes / Clones For Popular Le Labo Perfumes

6 Affordable Alternatives to Le Labo's Most Popular Perfumes


1. Another 13

ANOTHER 13, resulting from an exclusive collaboration between Le Labo® and Another Magazine in 2010, captures an alluring mystique that remains unparalleled. Composed around ambroxyde, a synthetic animal musk, this fragrance blends temptation with elegance.

Elements like jasmine and moss intertwine, bestowing it with a unique allure that's both enigmatic and radiant. With every whiff, Another 13 transports you to a world of intrigue and sophistication, embodying an essence that leaves an indelible mark of sophistication.

Launch date - 2010

Price - 15ml starts at $99

Fragrance type - Amber woody

Occasion - Another 13 is perfectly suited for those late-night rendezvous, enveloping you in its hypnotic allure during intimate and mysterious occasions.


Top notes - Pear, Apple, Citruses

Heart notes - Ambrette, Amyl Salicylate, Moss, Jasmine

Base notes - Iso E Super, Helvetolide, Cetalox, Ambrettolide

Inspired By Le Labo Another 13 Perfume

Like a whispered secret, our inspired creation of Another 13 orchestrates a harmony of notes that echo its beguiling essence. Delicate florals pirouette with earthy undertones, conjuring the essence of ambroxyde's captivating magnetism. With each application, jasmine's timeless elegance emerges, entwined with the mossy heart that cradles you in a forest's embrace. As the scent settles, the base notes resonate with the same enigmatic pulse, leaving a trace of intrigue on your skin. A spritz of our inspired creation is an invitation to unlock the same mystery and sophistication, offering you a voyage into a captivating world.


2. Bergamote 22

Unveil the artistry of scent with Bergamote 22, a fragrance that dances between freshness, sweetness, and sensuality with the grace of an acrobat. Its essence once whispered as the secret "Fire Cologne," captures the zest of bergamot's dazzle. Delicate petals of petitgrain bloom, intertwining with the grapefruit's bittersweet symphony, while the grandeur of amber and musk add a flourish of flamboyance. With a virile hint of vetiver, Bergamote 22 takes on a personality as unique as the wearer, evoking a tale of aromatic daring that awakens the senses and embodies the essence of charismatic allure.

Launch date - 2006

Price - 15ml starts at $99

Fragrance type - Woody Aromatic

Occasion - Bergamote 22 is a fitting companion for bright and spirited daytime adventures, infusing your every step with refreshing zest.


Top notes - Bergamot, Grapefruit

Heart notes - Orange Blossom, Petitgrain

Base notes - Vetiver, Musk, Cedar, Vanilla, Amber

Inspired by Le Labo Bergamote 22

Embark on a journey of crisp and refreshing citrus notes with our inspired creation by Bergamote 22. A symphony of clean and sharp citrus takes center stage, casting a spell of freshness and brightness. The velvety embrace of natural woody bergamot creates a seamless transition, infusing depth and sophistication. Opening with a burst of fresh lemon-lime, the fragrance unfolds into an olfactory delight. Our luxurious interpretation pays homage to the exclusivity of bergamot, weaving a harmonious tapestry of woods, spices, musk, grapefruit, and vanilla. The result is a well-balanced composition that evolves with each moment, leaving a mesmerizing trail in its wake. With a moderate projection that lingers for the initial hours and an enduring presence on the skin, our version captures the essence of Bergamote 22's enduring allure in an unleashed way.


3. Rose 31

In a splendid act of olfactory alchemy, Rose 31 achieves a striking transformation. Taking the emblematic Grasse rose, a symbol of opulent femininity, and imbuing it with a defiantly virile spirit, this fragrance defies convention. The Centifolia rose takes on a dynamic duality, oscillating gracefully between femininity and masculinity. A chorus of warm, spicy, and woody notes, including the enchanting presence of cumin, olibanum, cedar, and a delicate touch of amber, joins the rose's symphony. As the scent unfolds, guaiac wood and cistus emerge, their sensuality heightened by a distinctly musky undertone, weaving a tapestry of intrigue that envelops the wearer in a captivating shroud of enigma. With every spritz, Rose 31 casts a charming aura, a paradoxical dance of mystery that invites anyone to embrace its alluring essence with boldness and allure.

Launch date - 2006

Price - 15ml starts at $99

Fragrance type - Floral Woody Musk

Occasion - Rose 31 is best cherished during romantic escapades, adding an exquisite touch of passion to your unforgettable moments.


Top notes - Cumin, Rose

Heart notes - Rose

Base notes - Vetiver, Cedar, Musk, Guaiac Wood, Oud, Olibanum, Labdanum

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume

A fusion of rose and an intriguing medley of notes intertwine to craft a captivating woody fragrance. Initially intriguing, this scent inspired by Rose 31 gradually weaves its magic, captivating your senses over time. Its endurance is remarkable, leaving a lasting trace that accompanies you throughout the day. With an inclusive nature, it bridges the gap between genders, embracing both men and women. The fragrance boasts a fanfare of compliments, leaving a memorable impression wherever you go. Best suited for the cooler embrace of fall and winter, this versatile composition is your ideal companion for any occasion or setting, a testament to the multifaceted allure of roses and the artistic interpretation this fragrance brings to life.


4. Santal 33

Imagine solitude in the vast American West, firelight on your face, indigo skies above. From this reverie blooms SANTAL 33: a fragrance capturing that dream's wild essence. Cardamom, iris, and violet crackle in symphony as Australian sandalwood, and cedarwood blend with spice, leather, and musk, crafting an addictive signature. Santal 33 is an open flame, a whisper of smoke, sensuality emerging with Twilight's embrace. A fragrant journey to fireside liberation.

Launch date - 2011

Price - 15ml starts at $99

Fragrance type - Woody aromatic

Occasion - Santal 33 is the ideal choice for casual yet sophisticated encounters, effortlessly elevating your presence in any social setting.


Top Notes - Sandalwood, Cardamom

Heart Notes - Leather, Papyrus, Violet, Iris

Base Notes - Virginia Cedar, Amber

Santal 33 Perfume

Our inspired version embraces the essence of Santal 33's distinct polarity. A symphony of notes that dance on the edge of fascination and division, creating an alluring and sharp blend that both captivates and challenges. This olfactory odyssey evolves into a dynamic fusion of greenery and floral-woody notes, an aromatic embodiment of growth and allure. Revered for its unique combination of green, leather, and iris, it ignites a fragrant journey for novices and enthusiasts alike. Venture into the realm of the unknown or rediscover the familiar; our creation is a companion for introspective moments at home and leisurely sojourns under the sun.


5. The Noir 29

A fragrance that pays homage to the elegance of tea and the craftsmanship that envelops it. The symphony of The Noir 29 unfolds through a harmonious dance between depth and freshness, intertwining the radiant notes of bergamot, fig, and bay leaves with the grounded richness of cedarwood, vetiver, and musk. A distinctive infusion of black tea leaves weaves into the composition, evoking a delicate interplay of dry, leafy accords reminiscent of hay and tobacco. This transformative journey culminates in a sensual, addictive essence that captures the heart of the noble leaf in a fragrant masterpiece.

Launch date - 2015

Price - 15ml starts at $99

Fragrance type - Aromatic

Occasion - The Noir 29 finds its perfect match during intimate gatherings where allure and enigma intertwine.


Top Notes - Fig, Bay Leaf, Bergamot

Heart Notes - Hay

Base Notes - Cedar, Vetiver, Musk, Tobacco

Noir 29 Perfume

Encapsulates the enigmatic allure of the Noir 29's gender-defying charm, it offers a reassuring embrace without being overbearing. The fragrance unfolds a sensory journey, harmonizing smooth sensuality with woody depth and a touch of sweetness blended by herbal undertones. A living artwork on your skin mesmerizes you with its intoxicating aura, pulling you into a world of intrigue. Asserting itself as a bold statement perfume, it exudes character and fortitude, projecting its essence gracefully throughout the day. Suited for warm summer nights and cozy autumn evenings, it transforms the wearer into a confident individual in control of their narrative. Every spray of our inspired creation invites you to embrace the elegance of inspiration, leaving a lingering trail of enigmatic whispers that intrigue and beguile.


6. Vanille 44

Paris, the city of love and allure, reveals a hidden facet through Vanille 44. Beyond its romantic reputation, this fragrance captures the essence of subtlety. Imagine ambery, incensy, and woody notes conspiring to weave a tapestry of sensuality that lingers beneath the surface. Much like a whispered secret shared only with your most treasured cashmere sweater, it awakens the essence of the most exquisite vanilla bourbons. Vanille 44 is a fragrance that defies expectations, a revelation of vanilla in disguise. As the world shifts its definitions of normality, this scent stands as a testament to individuality. An exclusive treasure, Vanille 44 encapsulates the city's enigmatic persona, inviting you to embrace the extraordinary.

Launch date - 2007

Price - 15ml bottle starts at $160

Fragrance type - Woody fragrance

Occasion - perfect scent for any occasion, offering a versatile blend of elegance and intrigue.


Top Notes - Mandarin Orange, Aldehydes, Bergamot

Heart Notes - Guaiac Wood

Base Notes - Vanilla, Incense

Le Labo Vanille 44 Perfume

Our creation inspired by the enigmatic allure of Vanille 44 weaves a unique narrative of fragrance. It paints a nuanced canvas, a gentle yet profound scent that shies away from excessive sweetness. With a luminous composition that carries an intriguing edge, this unisex creation becomes a versatile companion throughout the year, seamlessly adapting to every season. A fragrance of sophistication and maturity, it effortlessly garners compliments across various occasions. Step into the realm of our inspired creation and experience the echoes of intrigue in each lingering note, a tribute to the artistry that lies in the shadows of the enigma.


Final Takeaway,

And with that, our crafted selection of Le Labo® bestsellers collection finds its finale. However, the adventure does not end here; for it is just the beginning. With our inspired versions poised to lead you into uncharted olfactory territories and presented at a competitive price point, our scents embody a harmonious blend of nature's bounty, free from toxins and cruelty. Embrace this next chapter with us, where exploration starts at a mere $20. Elevate your senses and embark on a journey of affordable luxury, all while championing natural beauty and ethical choices. Your aromatic odyssey awaits. Explore now.


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