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Top 10 Affordable Alternatives To Popular Tom Ford® Perfumes

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

From fashion legends to fragrance gurus, Tom Ford® is skilled at playing their cards in whatever market they place their foot in. Whether it is fashion or fragrance, they constantly strive for innovation and perfection in their products. Tom Ford® fragrances are exclusive and subtle and provide the wearer with an exquisite olfactory experience. Each of their scents have an extraordinary backstory that entices every expert perfume wearer to fall in love with a harmonious blend of sensuality, modernity, and luxury. Tom Ford® fragrances evoke an aesthetic mood that transports the user's mind and heart on an endless journey of panoramic olfactory experience.

Tom Ford® first introduced its line of fragrances in 2006 under the name Tom Ford® for Men, followed by the forever iconic scent, Black orchid. Originally developed and marketed towards women, they eventually gained popularity among men as well. Due to its immediate success, Black Orchid became a bestseller and the brand's signature scent. They have released several other perfumes over the years, all of which are renowned for having distinctive scents that are both elegant and classic. Tom Ford® perfumes are very well-liked by perfume connoisseurs, and their outstanding perfume collections never fail to astound their customers.

Though these perfumes are well-known, this niche-quality perfume can be expensive, making the affordability factor a big question for many perfume lovers. So if you are a perfume enthusiast tired of the heavy price tag of costly perfumes but want to enjoy the same olfactory experience, Unleashed Perfumes is your right choice. Our fragrances are made of all-natural, high-quality and cruelty-free ingredients leaving the wearer with the perfect and immersive perfume experience.

Popular Tom Ford®  Dupes & Clone Perfumes

Top 10 Dupes & Clones to the Popular Tom Ford® Perfumes

In this article, we will unravel the top 10 alternative perfumes for Tom Ford® that smell similar to your favorite luxury perfume but don't cost a fortune to purchase one.


 Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

With a combination of glazing black cherry and dripping liqueur that often teases you with almond notes followed by rare Turkish rose and jasmine sambac, our creation inspired by Lost Cherry will dive deep into your senses, letting you lose yourself in your world of fantasy. Warm, sweet and luscious, this fragrance is ideal for both men and women looking for a unique and sophisticated perfume experience.


 Tom Ford  Black Orchid Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Perfect for both him and her, our creations inspired by Black orchid are a true

sensual escape for both. With their unconventional key notes of French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant, and effervescent citrus, this gender-neutral fragrance is legendary and the most addicting scent you will have in your collection.


 Tom Ford Oud Wood Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Made with the most decadent and exotic ingredient, our creation inspired by Oud Wood will take both men and women into a new dimension of luxury olfactory experience. Smoky and spicy, this fragrance is a must-try for those who love a bold and intense scent.


Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Feels like a gentle sea breeze on your skin with hints of evergreen tropical trees and intensely aromatic herbs; our creation inspired by Costa Azzurra is an unprecedented and sensual escape to the lands of the Mediterranean. Opens up with bursting flavors of citrus, which then delves deeper into woody notes of cypress, oak, and other aromatics; this fragrance indeed leaves an exhilarating experience for men who love a relaxed and sexy summer holiday vibe.


Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

A prime blend of masculinity and civility, our creation, inspired by Tuscan leather, is a perfect paradise for those who love the animalistic smell of leather. Made of fine leather, black suede, thyme, raspberry, and saffron, this raw yet refined fragrance smells clean, sultry and fabulous on your skin.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

A gorgeous and luxurious retreat to the rivers of Portofino, our creation inspired by Neroli Portofino feels like a breezy holiday on your skin. Nice, splashy and fresh with key notes of lovely neroli, radiant citrus, crisp lavender and exotic amber, this fragrance of sparkling sensation will undoubtedly be your summer favorite.


Tom Ford Santal Blush Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Smells rich and velvety, our creation inspired by Santal Blush leaves a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience on the wearer. Enchanting, mysterious, and glamorous, this woody and spicy fragrance is a true exotic delight for both men and women.


Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Starts with notes of gourmand almond and iris, then onto the richness and lusciousness of leather deepened by accords of floral orris; our creation inspired by fucking fabulous will leave an exquisite scent on the wearer. Spicy, warm and decadent, this iconic fragrance is perfect for both.


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Opens up with a luscious essence of tobacco that unfolds into creamy notes of vanilla,tonka bean, and cacao, which then finishes off with a scent of the dry-fruit accord, our creation inspired by Tobacco Vanille stirs memories of the good old winter fair of your childhood and smells like Christmas cakes and pastries on your skin. A gender-neutral masterpiece, this is a must-try if you love dark, spicy, and sweet notes in your fragrance.


 Tom Ford Noir de Noir Dupe/Alternative/Clone Perfume

Encompassing the best of both worlds and known as the night owl of the perfume world, our creation, inspired by Noir de Noir, is the ultimate dark, sensual indulgence for both men and women. With attributes of rich feminine florals colliding with masculine notes of black truffle, vanilla, patchouli, oud wood, and tree moss, this fragrance allows you to experience and celebrate the duality of both genders.


But why choose Unleashed perfumes?

Unleashed Perfumes are an excellent choice if you are looking to buy perfumes inspired by your favorite luxury brand at an affordable price. Our fragrances are made up of high-quality,all-natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients to offer our wearer an immersive and unforgettable experience without compromising quality. We have a wide variety of fragrance collections that can be matched with our other range of skin, body, and hair care products. Explore and shop your favorites now.

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Roman Freiter -Co-Founder and Chief Perfumer at Unleashed Perfumes
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