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What is the difference between Perfume and Body Spray?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Who doesn't want to feel fresh and smell great all day?

Everybody does, right?

People use perfumes and body sprays to smell their best wherever they go every day. However, there is a widespread misconception that perfume and body spray are interchangeable. This is a popular myth that has never been adequately debunked.

Perfumes and body sprays are entirely different products with different aromatic extracts and formulations. This article will cover perfume and body spray and their differences to help you choose the best one.


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What is perfume?

Difference Between Perfume And Body Spray

A perfume is a liquid mixture used to produce a pleasant scent. It is made up of fragrant essential oils extracted from plants and spices and synthetic aromatic compounds. Perfumes are classified into six groups based on their concentration levels, which are as follows:

1. Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche has a lower oil content in their perfume ranging from 1% to 3%, yet it lasts up to one to two hours, similar to Eau de Cologne. Eau Fraiche often has a low scent concentration and a high water content.

2. Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne (EDC), which has a scent concentration of around 2% to 5% and lasts more than Eau Fraiche, is one of the most popular varieties of perfume with the lowest concentration. Eau de Cologne is the least pricy of the scent varieties listed below and is often available in larger quantities, such as conventional splash-style bottles.

3. Eau de Toilette

Many Eau de Parfum perfumes are also available in Eau de Toilette (EDT), a less expensive version of the same aroma. The top notes are more prominent, making it pleasant when first applied; this is why EDT perfumes are so popular throughout the summer. Eau de Toilette fragrances typically have a scent concentration of 8% to 12% and last about five hours.

4. Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum (EDP) is one of the most popular perfumes and fragrance categories, with a scent concentration of 15% to 20% and longevity of approximately six hours. The top notes of Eau de Parfum evaporate much faster from the skin, allowing it to focus on the heart notes. As a result, it is typically more expensive than the former three types.

5. Extrait de Parfum

Extrait de Parfum, also known as pure perfume or simply perfume, contains the most perfume oil - typically between 20-30%. It is highly concentrated and long-lasting; a small amount can go a long way.

6. Parfum

Parfum is a little more expensive because of its increased concentration. Anything above a concentration level of 30% is considered Parfum. This type lasts longer on the skin while providing the wearer with a full spectrum of top, heart, and base notes delivered for at least 8 hours and sometimes much longer.

How are perfumes created?

Perfumes are primarily made by extracting scented oil from natural ingredients such as plants, fruits, and wood.

Rose petals, frankincense, jasmine, oakmoss, sandalwood, vanilla, citron, and other natural ingredients are commonly used. Synthetic chemicals are also sometimes used to mimic scents that do not occur naturally.

What is body spray?

Perfume vs Body spray

According to Wikipedia, body spray is a perfume product, similar to aerosol deodorant, that is intended to be used elsewhere on the body besides the armpits. Body sprays are less expensive than cologne and double as deodorant. Some of the most well-known body spray brands include Axe ®, Gillette®, and Old Spice®.

Formulation of a body spray

Body spray is simply a milder version of perfume that contains water, alcohol, and various other extracts. A body spray contains fewer aromatic extracts than perfume and ingredients such as butane, isobutane, propane, alcohol, and parfum.

Perfume vs Body spray



​Perfumes are a blend of aromatic extracts and oils that produce pleasant odours.

​Body spray is a fragrance product used to add a pleasant scent to the body.

Perfumes can be used on cloth as well as on the body.

Body spray, like deodorant, is applied to various body parts.

Perfumes are highly concentrated and made with more complex compounds or materials.

The body sprays are lightly concentrated and light weight.

Perfumes comprise a large amount of scent oil and, in some concentrations, ethanol or alcohol.

Body sprays typically contain a higher proportion

of diluted alcohol in water.

It is a more potent scent.

It is a softer, lighter variety.

Perfumes are typically liquid.

Body sprays emit a vaporous fog.

The lasting power of perfume varies depending on the concentration levels, and it is usually more long-lasting than body spray.

Body spray does not stay on long, and it fades faster. As a result, anyone who uses body spray must apply it regularly.

Perfumes are far more expensive.

Body sprays are less expensive than perfumes.

Body sprays are ideal if you want something that provides instant freshness while also removing bad body odor. A nice aromatic perfume is an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting aroma. However, perfume and body spray have distinct characteristics and are offering different advantages.

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