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Breaking Down the Price Tag: Understanding Why Perfumes Are So Expensive?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Why Are Perfumes So Expensive?

From making you feel and look confident to unleashing your inner spirit, high-quality luxury perfumes will make you feel sophisticated, classy, and stylish. They offer rare and quality ingredients and employ innovative marketing strategies: there is so much that goes into making and selling luxury designer perfumes that is hidden behind a high price tag. Fragrances are quite powerful: they can alter mood and bring about an aromatic olfactory experience.

This article will discuss three primary reasons why designer perfumes are so expensive. So, the next time you buy a designer perfume, you'll understand why they're highly priced.

Reasons why designer perfumes are expensive

Rare ingredients

The ingredients are the most common reason why designer perfumes are so expensive. Unlike other perfumes that contain synthetic ingredients, designer perfumes contain only pure and natural ingredients. And most of these ingredients are extremely difficult to obtain, making them incredibly rare and expensive. Many of these natural ingredients are derived from delicate flowers, wood, or even specific species of deer or whales. Sometimes, these seasonal flowers only bloom once a year which makes it quite a challenge.

For example, we must first gather masses upon masses of flowers to extract a small amount of perfume oil from it. So, if you think designer perfumes are costly because of their posh branding, you are inaccurate in that assumption.

Here are some rare and expensive perfumes ingredients that you might find in your favorite designer perfumes.


Jasmine is one of the floral fragrances' most expensive flowers and rare ingredients. The major contributing factor is the labor-intensive process to extract even a small amount of perfume oil and the difficulties in capturing the right potency of Jasmine.

The Bulgarian rose:

Specially grown in the valleys of Bulgaria, the higher price of this beautiful flower is due to its unique rich chemical composition and deep multi-layered fragrance. Bulgarian rose, like Jasmine, also necessitates a long labor process.


Oud is one of designer perfumes most well-known and expensive ingredient. Oud has become extremely expensive because of its high demand. Also, the cultivation process takes years and years to happen, contributing to its rarity.

The tonka bean:

Tonka bean is one of designer perfume's rarest and most difficult-to-find ingredients. Grown in the Amazon rainforest, these unique beans are nearly impossible to obtain.


The most controversial yet rare ingredient you can see in luxury perfumes is musk. It is originally derived from a sex gland secretion from a specific species of deer, the Tibetan musk deer.


Known as floating gold, ambergris originates from the intestine of the sperm whale. It is a highly sought-after ingredient in the perfume industry.

The root of orris:

Extensively grown in North Africa, India, and Southern Europe, orris roots are labor intensive as they produce only two kilograms of perfume oil from one ton of orris roots.

Luxurious packaging

Have you noticed that the packaging of every designer perfume is so beautiful that you want to own it at least once in your life?

These brands balance what is on the inside and outside of the bottle meaning they maximize not only on the amazing aroma of a scent but also on what the product looks like. The packaging is designed to represent luxury, quality and timelessness.

The products' labels contain crystal, gold, or diamond embellishments to showcase a memorable olfactory experience. Their overall experience is represented in both ways: through its scent, and through its packaging.

Expensive marketing

Using exotic ingredients from all over the world in your perfumes is pointless if no one knows about them, and that is when marketing comes into play. From extravagant ad campaigns featuring your favorite celebrities to magazines, television, and billboards, marketing is vital in promoting designer perfumes. The publicity surrounding the campaign and the images of your favorite designer perfume you see everywhere you go all come with a high price tag, making these perfumes more unique and expensive.

To summarize,

Though these pricey perfume bottles offer great scents and attractive packaging, there are many perfume brands that create high-quality, luxurious fragrances at much more reasonable prices. Unleashed Perfumes is one of such examples. Unleashed Perfumes offers high-end, luxury body works, skincare, and fragrances made and designed in-house by its perfume experts and inspired by world-famous luxury brands. Their vision is to create high-quality products inspired by your favorite scents at an affordable price, made entirely of all-natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring a luxurious experience.



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