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Top 10 Oud Perfumes For Both Men & Women

Top 10 OUD Perfumes

Warm, woody, smoky, and intense, Oud perfume is a great choice for a perfume connoisseur. It is known as the "Wood of the Gods" by ancient cultures and still is one of the most priceless and pricey commodities, as well as a popular choice in both men and women fragrances. When combined with other notes, Oud's complex and exquisite scent creates a perfect olfactory experience that permeates any wearer of opulence, luxury, and absolute comfort.

Best Oud Perfumes At An Affordable Prices

What is Oud?

It is a genus that contains 15 different species. Oud, also known as Oudh, is derived from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree, also known as Agarwood in the West. The tree is thought to have originated in India's Assam region before spreading to Bangladesh and much of Southeast Asia. Wood chips from trees are commonly burned as incense and are used in religious ceremonies and other celebrations throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East, including China, Japan, and India.

How is Oud used in fragrance?

Oud oil, which is distilled from Oud, has been used as a perfume in its pure raw form and in combination with other natural perfume ingredients such as sandalwood, musk, saffron, and amber. It is one of the ancient materials used in perfumery and one of the most expensive raw materials. For centuries, Chinese, Indians, and Arabs have used oud oil for medicinal, therapeutic, and religious purposes.

Inspired by Oud Satin Mood

1. Inspired by Oud Satin Mood

Lose yourself in the depth of the moment and bring the shimmering desire to life with our perfume inspired by Oud Satin Mood. Musky, woody, leathery and smoky, this composition will transport you to a dream world with beautiful notes of soft violet straight down to the essence of rose from Bulgaria and Rose Absolute from Turkey to blend with rich vanilla and amber accords. This ambery oud fragrance is a dream come true for both men and women.

Inspired by Oud Wood

2. Inspired by Oud Wood



Our Oud wood-inspired perfume is a perfect unisex fragrance with notes of Exotic Rose wood and Cardamom blended with exuberant Chinese Pepper that envelops the wearer in warmth. This perfume is fresh and deep, leaving a light incense scent with a hint of vetiver that does not overpower the sandalwood.

Inspired by Sweetie Aoud

3. Inspired by Sweetie Aoud

Our creation, inspired by Sweetie Aoud is a sinful pleasure when it meets the oud wood and frankincense along with artemisia, cardamom, juicy rose, patchouli, and Amyris balsam. This fragrance is a sweet delight for everyone

 Inspired by Rose D'Arabie

4. Inspired by Rose D'Arabie 

Our creation, inspired by Rose D'Arabie combines Damascus rose with patchouli, vanilla, and Arabian woods to create an ode to oriental sensuality. A desert melody that reveals its undeniable sensuality, this deep and mysterious aura with a luxurious scent is suitable for both men and women who enjoy the bliss of sheer charm and exclusivity.

Inspired by Ombre Nomade

5. Inspired by Ombre Nomade

Our creation, inspired by Ombre Nomade, also known as a wandering shadow in French, is the perfect indulging perfume for both men and women. With its long-lasting strength, this fragrance is an ode to the Middle East. Beautiful, dark, strong, and leathery, it's a magical ride for the wearer.

Inspired by Royal Oud

6. Inspired by Royal Oud

A rich and complex scent that makes one feel like royalty. Royal Oud is inspired by the luxurious components of a Persian palace. The beauty of marble and gold is combined with the warmth of wood and leather. It redefines the olfactory experience to provide a silky smooth, refined, and daring scent for men and women.

 Inspired by Nero Oudh

7. Inspired by Nero Oudh

Italian saffron's sparkling and precious intensity, embraces this bouquet of specially selected petals in our perfume inspired by Nero Oudh. This fragrance is an explosion of thousands of flowers, such as Magnolias, Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian Rose, and Geranium, unfolding emotions in unusual alchemies of accords.

Inspired by Intense Oud Noir

8. Inspired by Intense Oud Noir

Our creation, inspired by Oud Noir Intense, known as the dark knight of the shades, unleashes the danger and mystery lying in the dark. This fragrance is an ideal versatile composition enriched with bergamot and cardamom on top, rose and jasmine in the heart and sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk at the base. 

 Inspired by Alexandria II

9. Inspired by Alexandria II

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Alexandria's thousand-year-old capital. Our creation, inspired by Alexandria II, begins with a mouthwatering note of apple and decadent cinnamon, followed by delicate lavender. This fragrance is a striking evocation of humanity's most outstanding achievements.

Inspired by Oud for Greatness

10. Inspired by Oud for Greatness

Inspired by Oud for Greatness, this fragrance has a blend of pure, natural agarwood along with saffron, nutmeg, patchouli, and musk, resulting in a rich accord that melds into the dark, spicy, sweet, and smoky characteristics which breathe out a force of nature and the wake of Greatness with its natural essence. This fragrance is suitable for both men and women.

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