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Shop Unisex Perfumes

Bold and intense or Soft and elegant, our wide range of inspired perfume collections will be a perfect delight for any gender. So if you are looking for perfumes that last longer and are unique, get your hands on this iconic collection for both.

Affordable Branded Perfumes For Both Men & Women

Be free of all gender boundaries, wearing our inspired perfume collections. Our collections break the traditional boundaries with perfumes designed to take you on a unique experience, unleashing your individuality.

How to choose unisex perfumes

Unisex perfumes, also known as gender-neutral or androgynous perfumes, are fragrances worn by people of any gender. These perfumes often have a balanced and versatile scent that is not overly masculine or feminine, making them suitable for anyone.


The main advantage of unisex perfumes is that they can be worn by both men and women, allowing couples or friends to share a fragrance. This can be especially useful when traveling, as it eliminates the need to pack multiple perfumes. Unisex perfumes can have a wide range of scents, from fresh and clean to warm and spicy. Some popular unisex fragrances include citrus scents like lemon and orange and woody scents like cedarwood and sandalwood. These types of perfumes are often described as being refreshing and energizing. Other unisex perfumes, such as lavender or rose, may have a more floral scent. These types of fragrances are often described as calming and soothing.


Overall, unisex perfumes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile fragrance that can be worn in any situation. Whether it is a fresh citrus scent for everyday wear or a warm and spicy fragrance for a night out, Unleashed Perfumes has the perfect unisex perfume selection to suit every taste.

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