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Our Mission

Unleashed Perfumes has a focused mission: to democratize luxury. We create high-quality body care, skincare, and fragrances that are just as good as the luxury brands but don't cost a lot. We ensure that our products are safe, crafted solely from natural, non-toxic ingredients, and never tested on animals. Our aim is to bring a touch of luxury into everyday life while upholding the values of quality, safety, and ethical responsibility. At Unleashed Perfumes, we believe that everyone deserves to experience affordable luxury.


In essence, our mission is to empower individuals to indulge in luxury without compromise. We create a world where the scents you love become an integral part of your daily life, enhancing your well-being and captivating your senses. Unleashed Perfumes promises a journey of affordable luxury, quality, safety, and compassion, all in a single bottle

Bestsellers For Him

Y'all I have the original and I compared on both arms and i could not tell the difference. This is a spot on 99.9% dupe for Valaya hands down. I'm so glad I stumbled on this website. The shipping was quick.



 I have been searching for an affordable dupe for Black Opium for quite some time in the market. But none satisfied me like this inspired version. Must-have if you are searching for perfume alternatives.

Rhea Kapoor

Wilmington, DE

Must have for all confident ladies that want to feel gorgeous without breaking the piggy bank. Perfect dupe. After about a minute on my skin, I can't tell if from the original. Getting a bigger bottle

Leslie C


The double powerhouse of rose and violet - very strong, very nice! it was originally hard to imagine but I love it. Interesting replication of a plastic lipstick scent.

Anaya Melesta

Seattle, WA

I am a college student and wanted something that smells great and also is "budget-friendly". I got so many compliments on this perfume from my friends.

Susan Miller


True to its name, such a lovely bouquet of flowery scents. Loved it and it was a nice surprise that it actually stayed on me for a while. I'm never usually able to maintain a smell on my skin but this one was smelling a pretty long time.

Doreen McBeth

Charleston, NC


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