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  • Inspired by - INTOXICATED
  • Killian Intoxicated Perfume: Seductive Blend of Coffee and Cardamom

Inspired by - INTOXICATED

  • All natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients
  • 25% concentration (highest concentration level on the market).
  • Scented body works and skin care products inspired by your favorite perfume
  • Three complimentary samples for each $50 spent


Oh, those coffee lovers: we have your passion! Our creation, Inspired by Kilian® Intoxicated, is an addictive truly man's scent filled with spices on a heavy coffee base. With the main notes of cardamom, coffee, vanilla and cardamom, it feels like a warm hug from your favorite barista. The scent is perfect for a masculine and refined gentleman searching for an interesting and fulfilling scent unlike any other.

  • Warm Spicy, Fresh Spicy, Aromatic