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  • Mancera® Black Gold
  • Mancera® Black Gold Perfume

Inspired by - BLACK GOLD

  • All natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients
  • 25% concentration (highest concentration level on the market).
  • Scented body works and skin care products inspired by your favorite perfume
  • Three complimentary samples for each $50 spent


Dive into the refreshing depths of the ocean with our inspired fragrance by Mancera®, Black Gold. Like a breath of fresh sea air, this invigorating scent captures the essence of a cool ocean breeze. With notes that evoke the crispness of the sea and the freshness of aquatic accords, it is a fragrance that rejuvenates the senses and revitalizes the spirit. Let yourself be transported to a world of serenity and tranquility with each spritz of this captivating fragrance, inspired by the timeless allure of the ocean.

  • Woody, Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Powdery, Warm Spicy, Floral

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