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  • Conditioner - Inspired by ACCENTO OVERDOSE

Conditioner - Inspired by ACCENTO OVERDOSE

  • All natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients
  • 25% concentration (highest concentration level on the market).
  • Scented body works and skin care products inspired by your favorite perfume
  • Three complimentary samples for each $50 spent


Inspired by Accento Overdose fragrance is a floral hymn of mesmerizing proportions! It is a white flower power, complex and deep, multi-layered and confident. The scent is a mixture of Lily of the Valley, Egyptian jasmin, pineapple and rose. It is seductive and rich enveloping you with a whiff of exotic fruits, assortment of flowers and tropical greenery. The scent is further amplified by a mix of tropical and balsamic notes. The fruity-floral celebration continues to sparkle on while enchanting you with its delicious aroma. 

  • White floral, Fruity, Fresh, Woody, Sweet, Aromatic