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  • Body Lotion - Inspired by SOLEIL BLANC

Body Lotion - Inspired by SOLEIL BLANC

  • Size - 4 oz
  • All natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients
  • 25% concentration (highest concentration level on the market).
  • Scented body works and skin care products inspired by your favorite perfume
  • Three complimentary samples for each $50 spent


This unisex fragrance is inspired by Soleil Blanc and offers a solar seduction alive with floral intensity and coconut vigor. Baking in sun rays, while walking around a tropical rainforest, the scent is filled with floral, powdery, and refreshing composition. It definitely smells like summer in a bottle with a hint of luxury and sophistication. Your mind takes you to dazzling nights of summer, tropical sunset, and irresistible earthy enjoyments through the harmonious combination of coconut, flowers, and tonka. "White sun" is a better definition for this fragrance that will have you rich with compliments and happy memories. 

  • White floral, Sweet, Amber, Yellow Floral, Woody, Warm Spicy, Nutty

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