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Perfumes For Work

Merge, blend, stand out.


Blend into the work place with a mild and pleasant scent but yet, create your own distinct vibe. A fragrance that enriches your surrounding but doesn’t impose on it. Our list of inspired perfume collections has been designed to achieve just that.

Long-lasting scents to amp up your workday

Fragrances communicate a lot about our personality and character, so choosing perfumes suitable for your workspace is essential. Your fragrances should be subtle and light, adding more professionalism and confidence to your personality. Opt for a light and fresh scent that is not too overpowering. Citrus and floral fragrances are great for the office as their scents are clean, crisp, and energizing. Avoid heavy or overly sweet scents as they can distract colleagues or clients. Also, choose a fragrance with good longevity, as you don't want it to fade away too quickly or last too long.


If you are looking for a perfume that is perfect for your work environment and lasts long throughout the day, Unleashed perfumes have great options to choose from. Explore our wide range of perfumes for work collections now.

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