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Shop Perfumes For Women

We believe every woman is beautiful. Experience the indulgence of a deep, sensual fragrance exclusively made for her. Our creations, inspired by branded perfumes for women, are handcrafted with high-quality, all-natural ingredients making them perfect for everyday wear. With our perfumes for women, you can escape to an exotic realm of divine and mystic experience, making your wildest dream come true.

Affordable Branded Perfumes For Women That Last long

Best-smelling perfumes for women, now unleashed at irresistible prices! What more can she ask for? Discover our wide range of collections inspired by branded perfumes for women.

How to choose perfume for women

Perfumes have always been a popular way for women to express their personal style and enhance their natural beauty. From floral and fruity scents to musky and woody aromas, there is a wide range of fragrances to choose from. One of the most classic and timeless scents for women is the rose. Rose perfume is often associated with romance and femininity and can range from light and delicate to more heady and bold. Other popular floral scents include jasmine, peony, lily of the valley, and lavender.


Fruity scents, such as peach, apple, and citrus, are often light and refreshing, making them perfect for daytime wear. They can also be combined with floral or woody notes to create more complex fragrances. Musky scents are often described as mysterious, and seductive, and used as a base note in women's perfumes. Some popular musky fragrances include sandalwood, patchouli, and amber. Woody scents, such as cedarwood and pine, are often described as being earthy and grounding. They can be used as a base note in perfumes or blended with floral or fruity scents to create a more balanced experience.


No matter what type of scent a woman chooses, it is important to find a fragrance that speaks to her personal style and mood. Whether it is a classic rose perfume or a more modern and playful fruity scent, there is a perfume out there in Unleashed Perfumes' collection for every woman.

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