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Perfumes For Holidays

Invoke a happy holiday spirit


Holiday memories are layered with special scents. Whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you can carry the holiday spirits around with you. Our inspired perfume collection lasts longer and feels like a holiday on your skin.

Create special memories with the perfect holiday scents

A sensory escape to a dreamy land of adventure and holiday spirits, fragrances unleash a lot of great and pleasant vibes on our holidays. Whether it is a summer holiday around town with your friends or a winter holiday with all your family gathered around, they indeed evoke and leave a lasting memory with us.


When choosing a perfume for holidays, the essential factor to consider in choosing a perfume is the scent itself. Think about the types of fragrances you typically enjoy and whether you want something light and fresh or warm and sensual. Some popular holiday scents include fresh and crisp citrus, warm and spicy cinnamon, and sweet and fruity pomegranate. Since holidays come with a good amount of outdoor activities, it is important to consider the longevity of your fragrances too.


Overall, perfumes are a great way to add a little luxury to your holiday experience. And to add even more delight to your experience, Unleashed perfumes have a wide variety of holiday perfume collections exclusively picked for you. Our perfumes are long-lasting, made of all-natural ingredients, and are a must-have addition to your holiday checklist. Explore our collections now.

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