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Perfumes For Beach

Feel light and refreshed on your beach day.


What's better than having a day out on the beach? Poetic thoughts, forsaken memories, the sound of waves crashing and kissing the sand and…the right perfume. Feel the breeze, cherish the moment.

Make the most out of your beach day with the best perfumes for the beach.

Perfumes for the beach should be light and refreshing, with notes that evoke feelings of relaxation and the natural beauty of the seaside. Citrus and aquatic scents are popular for beach perfumes, as they provide a bright and refreshing aroma that is perfect for the warmer weather. Other beach-inspired scents include coconut, which adds a tropical touch to any perfume, and saltwater, which has a crisp and refreshing scent that captures the essence of the ocean.


When choosing a perfume for the beach, it is vital to consider the strength of the scent. Strong, overpowering perfumes can be dominating in the heat and humidity of the beach, so opt for a lighter, more subtle fragrance that will not overpower your senses. To unleash a whole olfactory experience, pair your perfume with unscented sunscreen. Also, if you are going with scented sunscreen, try to pair a perfume accordingly.


At Unleashed Perfumes, we have a wide variety of perfume collections for summer that are crisp, light, and refreshing. Also, check out other products ranging from skincare to body works that perfectly match your summer collections.

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